At the beginning and end of every caravanning season, we recommend that you clean the Mains Adaptor. This will enaure that there isn't any limescale and other residues which can build up over time especially if you have been in an area with hard water.

1. Attach the Mains Adaptor to your hose and attach the other end of the hose to the mains water supply.

2. Either place the Mains Adaptor into the side of your upright Aquaroll or using your finger lift up the arm of the Mains Adaptor.

3. Turn on the water - if the Mains Adaptor stops the flow of water when the arm is lifted up it is functioning correctly and you are able to start using your Adaptor. If the flow of water doesn't stop, please follow these simple maintenance steps.

Mains Adaptor Troubleshooting Tips

1. Check the water outlet hole is in-line with the orange arm. If they are not in-line you can adjust them so they line up correctly.

2. Unclip the arm from the cap by turning the black cap and the white valve anti-clockwise. The two halves will then separate. Inside you will see a black equilibrium valve with a red pin in the centre. Over time back become clogged and blocked. We recommend you give this valve a throughout wash in clean water to ensure the pin moves freely. You can then attach the valve back into the white part of the mains adaptor and click to the two pieces back together again.

After you have tried these two steps, reattach the Mains Adaptor to the hose, turn on the water and the flow of water should stop.

By carrying out this simple maintenance will ensure your Mains Adaptor with work efficiently every time you use it on a serviced pitch.