All of our Aquaroll Main Adaptors leave our factory with the float set in the correct position so it will always face down into the water when it is placed inside the Aquaroll. Our Mains Adaptors are designed so they will only screw into the side of the Aquaroll the correct amount of turns so it is facing down inside the Aquaroll.

You should allow up to 10 seconds for the valve to shut off, however, this can work a lot quicker when the water pressure is higher. 

A way to check that your valve is set in the correct position is to look on the top of the Mains adaptor and make sure that the float is facing downwards and the water ‘hole’ is facing upwards. The Mains adaptor is then ready to use..

 If you need any more help or assistance please feel free to call our customer team at our factory on +44 1746 712242 or email