Product Maintenance

  1. Wastemaster Accessories and Replacement Parts

    In this video James shows what replacement parts are available for the FL Hitchman Wastemaster and how to fit them.

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  2. How clean your Wastemaster - Superclean Liquid

    Our Superclean liquid is a specially formulated product suitable for cleaning your Wastemaster. One 250ml bottle makes 30 litres, enough to thoroughly clean a Wastemaster twice.

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  3. How to clean your Aquaroll

    This short video shows the recommended way to clean your Aquaroll ready for use at the beginning or end of every season.

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  4. How to clean the Aquaroll

    We recommend that you only use bicarbonate soda to clean your Aquaroll. Add four heaped teaspoons into the empty Aquaroll. Then fill with fresh water, swill around and leave for 24 hours. After 24 hours empty the container and swill with fresh water.

    WARNING Using other solutions and chemicals can damage your Aquaroll and also contaminate your drinking water supply.

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  5. How to clean and service the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor

    At the beginning and end of every caravanning season, we recommend that you clean the Mains Adaptor. This will enaure that there isn't any limescale and other residues which can build up over time especially if you have been in an area with hard water.

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  6. How to store your Aquaroll?

    At the beginning and end of every season make sure that you thoroughly clean your Aquaroll before storing it away as this is help stop any unwanted odours occurring.

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