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  1. My Aquaroll is leaking from the caps

    Please check to ensure that you have not lost the rubber ‘O’ rings in the cap, if you have you will need to replace your cap.

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  2. Can the Aquaroll be pushed with the tap in place?

    The Aquaroll is not designed to be pushed with the tap in place.

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  3. I have lost the clips from the handle of my Aquaroll

    Unfortunately, we cannot supply just the clips so the handle will need to be replaced as a complete piece.

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  4. I have lost the cap seals on my Aquaroll

    Unfortunately, we are not able to supply separate ‘O’ rings for the caps, so you will need to replace the whole cap.

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  5. I am new to caravanning, why should I buy Aquaroll and Wastemaster?

    Thank you for considering to purchase an Aquaroll or Wastemaster! In 2017, the Caravan and Camping club announced the Aquaroll as one of the top 10 Camping Innovations of all time and it's easy to see why. The Aquaroll and Wastemaster are the UK’s number 1 iconic leisure brand, manufactured here in Shropshire, England. The Aquaroll provides easy rolling of fresh water to your pitch and the Wastemaster fits conveniently under your caravan for the collection of grey water (shower and sink water) Our fresh water container is the only one of its kind to be made with virgin food grade material, compared to other freshwater carriers which use regrind material. The material also provides UV protection which prevents light getting in and causing algae to build up. We are that confident in our product that we now offer a 10-year container guarantee You can purchase an Aquaroll for an RRP of £60. This will mean that across the 10-year guarantee, in theory, you are paying just £6 per year for freshwater. We hope this helps in your decision making to purchase an Aquaroll or Wastemaster but if you do have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

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  6. My Mains Adaptor ball valve does not work

    Have you tried holding the arm up for 10 seconds as the device cuts off as the water pressure builds up behind the equilibrium valve. If you have tried this, there is a video on our website which shows you how to take apart the Mains Adaptor, clean and reassemble it. It can take 3 – 10 seconds to shut off depending on the water pressure where you are. Take a look at our how to video here. Click here 

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  7. Are Aquaroll caps or any products manufactured prior to 1992 still available to buy?

    Unfortunately, these products were while stocks last product and ran out in 2012 so are no longer available.

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  8. How to clean the Aquaroll

    We recommend that you only use bicarbonate soda to clean your Aquaroll. Add four heaped teaspoons into the empty Aquaroll. Then fill with fresh water, swill around and leave for 24 hours. After 24 hours empty the container and swill with fresh water.

    WARNING Using other solutions and chemicals can damage your Aquaroll and also contaminate your drinking water supply.

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