Aquaroll Tap

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The official Aquaroll tap is a popular accessory, which allows you to dispense water with no hassle from your Aquaroll water carrier.
The tap easily screws into the end cap of the Aquaroll, allowing it to be used for various different outdoor leisure activities such as camping, gardening or equestrian events. The Aquaroll tap should be used in conjunction with the Aquaroll stand* which allows a stable position to hold the Aquaroll ready to dispense water. Please note: This item is not suitable for the 29 or 40-litre Aquarolls manufactured before 1992. The tap should be unscrewed and the standard end cap used during filling of your Aquaroll to ensure water does not leak. For information on how to use your Aquaroll tap, please watch our help and support videos on our website. *Aquaroll stand can be purchased separately.
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