10 Year Container Guarantee


As an iconic UK leisure brand offering an unbeatable lifetime value, I am pleased to provide a 10 year guarantee covering both the Aquaroll container and Wastemaster container.

The container is guaranteed against defective workmanship and/ or defective materials for a 10 year period, starting from the date of purchase.

The guarantee only relates to the original purchaser.

This is a manufacturer’s guarantee and therefore should be registered with us as the manufacturer directly and returned within 28 days of purchase. Please address any queries directly to me at the above address.


When used appropriately in terms of wear and tear and being maintained properly, we guarantee that this product will remain structurally sound for 10 years and beyond - some customers have had their Aquaroll for over 25 years! Your Aquaroll is kept in best condition by frequent cleaning, as stated on our website www.aquaroll.com.


This guarantee does not cover:

•  any accidental damage;

•  any problems associated with penetration mould growth;

•  any problems in the event the consumer fails to adequately maintain the container or misuses the container, beyond normal wear and tear;

•  fading of exterior surfaces and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product exposed to natural elements.

This guarantee only relates to the container so the following items are excluded:

•  Aquaroll: any part of the handle, tyres, end sockets, caps, straps and pips

•  Wastemaster: wheels, axle, hub caps, elasticated bungies, caps, straps and pips

Contact Details

To validate your guarantee could you please complete our registration form, returning to

F L Hitchman Limited, Unit 46 The Industrial Estate, Station Road, Ditton Priors. WV16 6SS, UK.

This guarantee is not transferable and should be retained and kept in a safe place for future reference.

We are proud of the quality of our products and hope you will be delighted with your purchase.


James Griffin, Managing Director

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